Fall Ride on the 211

The mileage wasn’t big, but since most of us aren’t in great shape that was all right. At least the 211 Trail at Coldwater Lake was open on Saturday, and we ended up having a great time.

When you put out a ride post, you never know who’s going to show up and that was the case this time. Rob, Jeff, Dave and I were in from the start, but John Kowalski, Wayne Nussbaum, and Lance Brigman also showed up at the park-n-ride. Because they understand Growlers Time, they were there by 7:40, even though we weren’t scheduled to leave until 8.

It was about 36 degrees when we left Castle Rock but a unique temperature inversion had the temperature at 52 when we reached the mountain. The only problem was the wind was gusting so hard there were whitecaps on the lake.

The trail could use some moisture but was in good shape overall. Every time we go up there we seem to be able to clean one or two more of the most technical sections. Maybe a little more work at McMaster’s skills clinic will provide an additional boost.

When we got to the bridge, we ditched our bikes and hiked farther up the 211 to the waterfall. The foliage is beautiful right now so if you have a chance to get up there don’t pass it up.

Great people, great trail, great day. Like Dave said, with everything else shut down it felt like we were cheating.

Photos courtesy of Wayne Nussbaum.

3 thoughts on “Fall Ride on the 211”

  1. We hope to have the 230 connector, which links the 211 and the 230A, cleared later this fall or early next spring. That will not only give you a loop, but you can also extend your ride to St. Helens Lake. Not huge mileage but a real epic feel.

  2. Great pictures, good to see Jeef out again. Wish I could of been there. That looks like heaven compared to where I was. Vegas,yuk!

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