GG Riders Talk About the 5K – Read, Learn and Sign Up

Bob Horness: For me, the 5K is a challenge that makes me feel as if I’ve accomplished a great feat. It is that carrot that gets me off the skiis to start training because one cannot do this event without a high level of fitness. Also, I enjoy the [Continue Reading]

Great Tool Available for True Dirt Animals

Dale Cooper of Longview is manufacturing a tool that has garnered a lot of attention. It’s called the Brookski. It was invented by Rich Brooks, a back country horseman who has done trail work for 20+ years in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Veteran [Continue Reading]

Solid Crew Completes Big Work at Coldwater

Heat. Relentless climbing. Vampire-like mosquitoes. None of that got in the way of the outstanding crew that showed to work on the 230A on June 29th at Coldwater Lake on the north side of Mount St. Helens. The effort was spearheaded by Growlers Gulch Racing, [Continue Reading]

Ride Options on the North Side of St. Helens

A number of people have asked for specific ride routes for the new trail at Coldwater Lake. I’ve put together several of varying difficulties and durations. I believe you will need a Northwest Forest Pass. Directions: The area is easy to find. Take Exit 49 at [Continue Reading]

Friends of Coldwater to Open Trail at St. Helens on August 26th

Under the banner of Friends of Coldwater, what we hope will be a huge volunteer crew will converge on the north side of Mount St. Helens on Sunday, August 26th, to open Lakes Trail 211 to mountain biking. We have been working with Monument staff, and they have [Continue Reading]

Bike Park Receives Three Donations

The Castle Rock Bike Park picked up three recent donations totaling $1,037.25. One came from an anonymous GGR member who contributed $100 for the second time this year. We also raised $387.25 at the TDG party at Porky’s last Saturday. This included $237.25 in [Continue Reading]

Adopt-a-Trail Assignments for 2012

We started Adopt-a-Trail in 2010 when we realized that the system at Growlers Gulch was becoming too large for a handful of people to maintain. We have been adding three miles per year, which means the maintenance load keeps growing along with the single-track [Continue Reading]

Preview Day Draws Local Kids

Nearly two dozen kids from the local area stopped by the Castle Rock Bike Park on Saturday to test things out as part of Pump Track Preview Day. The event was hosted by Growlers Gulch Racing. After watching a demo by Kevin Knorr, bikers had a chance to ride a [Continue Reading]

Locals Hit Podium at High Cascades 24

  Hats off to two teams from Growlers Gulch Racing for their great finishes at the grueling 2011 High Cascades 24 in Bend on September 11. The Bad Bettys -comprised of Dara Muldoon, Denise Livingston, Juntu Oberg and Wynn Lobel – completed 14 laps, each of [Continue Reading]

Crump’s Nephew Learns by Trial and Error

Andy Crump’s nephew Spencer is learning to mountain bike. Apparently, Spencer has been taking lessons from members of the Killer Burritos – a now defunct biking group from Portland that rode in several TDGs. The video is only a minute long, but it is [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Now for GG Super D

Sign-up begins now for the GG Super D on Saturday, September 17th. This event is brought to you by Growlers Gulch Racing. Course: Some work is needed on Legacy, but the ride route is in very good shape. You will start at the top of Legacy, then hit WTF, Vortex, [Continue Reading]

Mel’s 40 @ 40 to Raise Money for Cancer Research

In an effort to alleviate some logistical nightmares I have decided to make some changes to the 40 @ 40 Ride. We are still going to finish up with the Falls Creek trail.    Paul is going to pace me, Jeep is going to sweep me and Dave is going to be our driver so [Continue Reading]

Under-employed Ride South Coldwater

I tried to get out of it. When I talked with Paul on Sunday at the bike park, his knee was hurting and he was fatigued from riding Smith Creek with Mel on Saturday. I got the impression that he might want to cancel our ride on the 230A Trail at South Coldwater. No [Continue Reading]

Beginner, Intermediate Pump Tracks Ready to Ride!

All of the planning and hard work is now paying off! A stalwart crew from Growlers Gulch Racing constructed the beginner and intermediate pump tracks at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Sunday, July 10th. See photos at the bottom of this post – they don’t [Continue Reading]

Jamieson Wins at Crested Butte

After missing the entire 2010 race season to shoulder surgery, Darrell Jamieson proved that he is all the way back. Jamieson won the 30+ Cat 1 crown in dual slalom at the Wildflower Rush Mountain Bike Series Race in Crested Butte, Colorado. He also finished third [Continue Reading]

Mel Norris Completes Mount Adams Century, Ramps Up Training

Melanie Norris completed the Mount Adams Century on Saturday, June 25th. Training partner Paul Norris was along for the ride. Totals included 105 miles and 7,600 feet of climbing with time in the saddle at just over seven hours. “This lets me know we can tap [Continue Reading]

Three Vids from Kelley Hinkle

Thanks again to Kelley for providing several nice vid clips, this time from the Rocky Mountain demo day at Growlers on Thursday. Kelley rocking the Element on the Big Easy: Ken Noble (dark blue shirt) taters himself on the log at the bottom of Beauty. Bob [Continue Reading]

Rocky Mountain Demo Day Draws Big Crowd

The Rocky Mountain demo day, sponsored by Highlander Cycling, drew nearly 20 people to Growlers Gulch last week. John Olden, U.S. sales manager for Rocky Mountain, noted that 25 people showed for the demo day in Bend. He was impressed by the turnout at Growlers and [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Underway for South Coldwater Work Party

The date has been moved to Sunday, June 26th. We will meet at the park-n-ride on the west side of Exit 49 at Castle Rock at 8:00. Growlers Gulch Racing will be cleaning the bottom 3 to 4 miles of this unique trail. It is the only single-track access for mountain [Continue Reading]

Latest Bike Park News

We are making progress. Here are the most recent accomplishments: 501(c): We nailed our 501(c) status through the North Country Recreation Association. I now can make deposits to the bike park account and will be able to write checks to pay our bills. Thanks to [Continue Reading]

Congrats to Camas Bikes, Clark County Bike Team

Camas Bikes Voted Best Sporting Goods Store in Clark County If you want to sell a product and develop a successful locally-owned business, make the effort to be involved in the community you serve and use your focus to enrich the lives of others! [caption [Continue Reading]

Olin, Brigman, Isbell Hit Podium

Super D: Ryane Olin and Brian Isbell raced at Jefferson, Oregon, last weekend. Brian – who has volunteered to assist with brush-clearing at the bike park – was first in Cat1 while Ryane was second in the same classification. Can’t wait to see what [Continue Reading]

Locals Race at Sandy Ridge

Several local riders competed in the Spring Super D at Sandy Ridge on March 27. This OBRA-sanctioned event is one stage in the Sandy Ridge Super D Series. “It was rainy, cold, miserable and a total mud-fest,” said Thomas Mueller of Growlers Gulch [Continue Reading]

Mel Norris Plans 40th Birthday Epic

Yes, her birthday has passed, but that will not prevent Melanie Norris from continuing the celebration throughout much of 2011. The GGG co-founder has set her sights on an epic ride that will include Smith Creek and Falls Creek. Total mileage is estimated at 43 [Continue Reading]

St. Helens Vid Offers Cure for the Blues

Next week, I will be doing a 60 @ Sixty presentation for my peers (Castle Rock senior citizens). Clearly, they are desperate for speakers. I decided to put together a slideshow that is more comprehensive that the one I published in July, which was about five [Continue Reading]