Big Crowd Shows for 2013 Bike Park Blowout

Nearly 250 people were on hand to celebrate the Bike Park Blowout at the Castle Rock Bike Park on September 21st.

Fifteen challenge stations were set up around the 2.5 acre bike park to test riders’ skills. The stations included log-overs, skinnies, pump track, hill climb, timed lap, and a variety of obstacles. Helmet stickers were awarded at each station, and riders who accumulated 15 stickers earned medals.

The event was organized by Growlers Gulch Racing, which has been responsible for building the bike park during the past two years.

“We got lucky with the weather and were very pleased with the large turnout,” said GGR’s Jim LeMonds. “We had riders from as far away as Seattle and Portland, and the kids had a great time.”

North County Recreation proved that there is such a thing as a free lunch by serving hot dogs and chips for everyone in attendance. Castle Rock Mayor Paul Helenberg was among the cooks running the grill.

LeMonds praised the efforts of the 40 GGR volunteers who ran the challenge stations and provided information to participants. “We’re also very appreciative of Peace Health for sending helmets (35 were given away), the Castle Rock Baptist Church for donating bottled water, Minuteman Press for supplying the print materials, and the City of Castle Rock for helping with logistics. ”








4 thoughts on “Big Crowd Shows for 2013 Bike Park Blowout”

  1. I missed a great time! Regret it, but after roofing for two days then riding 8-mile and part of Knebal Creek, I had hit a wall and started to succumb. Feels lame, but I avoided getting truly sick by spending most of a day in sloth-like torpor.

  2. This event is SO MUCH FUN! I am already looking forward to next year. All the work we put into the park makes sense when you see so many people having such a great time.

  3. This year was even better than last…something I didn’t think possible. We were better organized and the kids were even more determined to win a Champion Medal. A big call out to my brother whose sometimes bordering on obnoxious reminders keeps us volunteers on task so we don’t disappoint…the kids that is.

  4. I’m sorry I missed the fun. Lots of smiles on the pictures. Good job peeps! I am so glad we started this adventure. I did see video of a guy effortlessly clearing all the hard lines. Maybe we should put some spikes sticking up and scattered about on the top of the tough lines. Something to dodge and more penalty for failure.

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