Castle Rock Bike Park Still on the Radar

Growlers Gulch Racing has invested 2,500 hours in the Castle Rock Bike Park since 2011 and has completed the build-out of most of the site. We plan to be involved again in 2014, but the time commitment should be greatly reduced. Hats off to a great group that has [Continue Reading]

NWTA Re-Publishes Classic Biking Story

  Trail Gnomes – Fact or Fiction? by Jim LeMonds The Legend Many riders believe trail gnomes are native to biking systems. Armed with rakes and shovels, these lovable dwarf-like creatures labor undetected under cover of darkness with a single goal – [Continue Reading]

Salute to Cyclepath, Camas Bikes, Canyonview Set for December 1st

Growlers Gulch Racing will host a group ride at GG on Sunday, December 1st. Whether we are working at Growlers, Coldwater, the Castle Rock Bike Park, or elsewhere, we have consistently received huge support from Cyclepath, Canyonview Cyclery, and Camas Bikes. [Continue Reading]

Big Crowd Shows for 2013 Bike Park Blowout

Nearly 250 people were on hand to celebrate the Bike Park Blowout at the Castle Rock Bike Park on September 21st. Fifteen challenge stations were set up around the 2.5 acre bike park to test riders’ skills. The stations included log-overs, skinnies, pump track, [Continue Reading]

McMaster to Host Skills Clinic

Ryan McMaster of Growlers Gulch Racing will be the instructor at a skills clinic at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Saturday, October 13th. The event will begin at 10 a.m. and should be finished by 12:00. Focus will be on riding the pump track, log-overs, and jump [Continue Reading]

Coldwater Crew Gets It Done!

A 70-person crew showed up at Coldwater Lake to open the 211 Trail to mountain bikers. It was an outstanding effort by all involved. Special props to Paul Norris, Melanie Norris, Andy Jansky, and Andy Crump, who led the effort. Thanks also to crew chiefs Kelley [Continue Reading]

Castle Rock Bike Park Features Single-Track Option

The Castle Rock Bike Park continues to grow. At the north end of the park, a short gravel path takes riders to a trail that heads north on the very edge of the Cowlitz River. This is a great option for riders of all ages and ability levels. Currently, the trail [Continue Reading]

Growlers Gulch Racing Recognized as Champions for Healthy Lifestyles

Cowlitz on the Move and Pathways 2020 has announced that it will recognize Growlers Gulch Racing as a 2011 Champion of Healthy Lifestyles. Pathways 2020 Director Paul Youmans said that GGR’s work  “exemplifies our efforts for everyone to eat smart, [Continue Reading]

TDN Highlights Castle Rock Bike Park

The following story by Barbara LaBoe was published in the Daily News on February 20, 2012. Photos by Bill Wagner With more than 1,000 volunteer hours behind them, builders of the Castle Rock Bike Park say they’re making good progress and hope to have the [Continue Reading]

Castle Rock Bike Park Continues to Take Shape

It’s a testament to the members of Growlers Gulch Racing that the change of seasons has not slowed progress at the Castle Rock Bike Park. We just finished two very productive days that were helped tremendously by having an excavator operated by Ryane Olin and [Continue Reading]

Preview Day Draws Local Kids

Nearly two dozen kids from the local area stopped by the Castle Rock Bike Park on Saturday to test things out as part of Pump Track Preview Day. The event was hosted by Growlers Gulch Racing. After watching a demo by Kevin Knorr, bikers had a chance to ride a [Continue Reading]

Locals Hit Podium at High Cascades 24

  Hats off to two teams from Growlers Gulch Racing for their great finishes at the grueling 2011 High Cascades 24 in Bend on September 11. The Bad Bettys -comprised of Dara Muldoon, Denise Livingston, Juntu Oberg and Wynn Lobel – completed 14 laps, each of [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Now for GG Super D

Sign-up begins now for the GG Super D on Saturday, September 17th. This event is brought to you by Growlers Gulch Racing. Course: Some work is needed on Legacy, but the ride route is in very good shape. You will start at the top of Legacy, then hit WTF, Vortex, [Continue Reading]

Under-employed Ride South Coldwater

I tried to get out of it. When I talked with Paul on Sunday at the bike park, his knee was hurting and he was fatigued from riding Smith Creek with Mel on Saturday. I got the impression that he might want to cancel our ride on the 230A Trail at South Coldwater. No [Continue Reading]

Major Work Underway at CR Bike Park

Progress continues at the bike park this weekend with a two-day build on tap. The plan is to complete the expert pump track. The beginner and intermediate tracks are rideable. However, Kevin Knorr, Ryan McMaster and Ryan Hicks – who have been involved with [Continue Reading]

Beginner, Intermediate Pump Tracks Ready to Ride!

All of the planning and hard work is now paying off! A stalwart crew from Growlers Gulch Racing constructed the beginner and intermediate pump tracks at the Castle Rock Bike Park on Sunday, July 10th. See photos at the bottom of this post – they don’t [Continue Reading]

Bike Park Photos – Additional News

The photos below are from last Thursday’s work day – with Ryan McMaster, Ryane Olin, Randy Toney, and Randy’s dad, John, on site to handle the layout, rocking of the access area, scrape-off and grading. Huge thanks to them for putting in 11 hours [Continue Reading]

Castle Rock Bike Park Breaks Ground!

A small crew from Growlers Gulch Racing broke ground on the Castle Rock Bike Park on June 23rd. Our Fill & Grade permit, which allows us to disturb less than one acre of dirt, was approved earlier than expected and we decided to take advantage. The initial [Continue Reading]

South Coldwater Work Party – June 26th

The South Coldwater work party on the 230A Trail on the north side of Mount St. Helens is a go for Sunday, June 26th. Full details and sign-up here. Brian Mahon and Ken Noble went up recently to do recon and start the work. Brian reports that heavy snow brought [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Underway for South Coldwater Work Party

The date has been moved to Sunday, June 26th. We will meet at the park-n-ride on the west side of Exit 49 at Castle Rock at 8:00. Growlers Gulch Racing will be cleaning the bottom 3 to 4 miles of this unique trail. It is the only single-track access for mountain [Continue Reading]

Latest Bike Park News

We are making progress. Here are the most recent accomplishments: 501(c): We nailed our 501(c) status through the North Country Recreation Association. I now can make deposits to the bike park account and will be able to write checks to pay our bills. Thanks to [Continue Reading]

Locals Race at Sandy Ridge

Several local riders competed in the Spring Super D at Sandy Ridge on March 27. This OBRA-sanctioned event is one stage in the Sandy Ridge Super D Series. “It was rainy, cold, miserable and a total mud-fest,” said Thomas Mueller of Growlers Gulch [Continue Reading]

Mel Norris Plans 40th Birthday Epic

Yes, her birthday has passed, but that will not prevent Melanie Norris from continuing the celebration throughout much of 2011. The GGG co-founder has set her sights on an epic ride that will include Smith Creek and Falls Creek. Total mileage is estimated at 43 [Continue Reading]

Hartman Signs on as Ride Leader for Mountain Biking Team

Dara Hartman, co-founder of the Growlers Gulch Girls, has signed on as a ride leader for the Clark County biking team. [caption id="attachment_7132" align="alignright" width="92" caption="Dara Hartman"][/caption] Larch Mountain guru Eric Albers has recruited [Continue Reading]

Pump Track Design Now Up

Big props to Al Hansen and Ryan Hicks for all of their hard work with the initial draft of the pump track proposal. It can be viewed at Castle Rock Bike Skills Park. If you have feedback, they need it now. Leave a comment on the page or contact Al or Ryan via [Continue Reading]

2011 Growlers Gulch Race Schedule

The Board of Director of Growlers Gulch Racing has announced the 2011 race and trail maintenance schedule. As was the case in 2010, we will host five events. The one change from last year is that the GG Time Trial will replace the Ride ’em All. If you are a [Continue Reading]

Major Trailbuilding Day Set for November 20th

The Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing has announced that this year’s mega-trail work day will be held on Saturday, November 20th. Sign-up starts today. Last year, we had 67 people show for this event. It’s probably not possible to match that [Continue Reading]

Growlers Clean-up Nets Loads of Trash

Thanks to everyone who came out to help with the clean-up at Growlers Gulch on October 23rd. Twenty-seven people picked up enough trash to fill three pick-up trucks. Special thanks to Dave LeMonds, Chris Laughlin, and Keith Gianella who hauled the garbage to the [Continue Reading]

Fist of Five Recipients Recognized

Seven members of Growlers Gulch Racing have been awarded Fist of Five status for 2010. [caption id="attachment_6079" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Designed by Dara Hartman"][/caption] Rob Larsen, Randy Toney, Mike Van Hoose, Denise Livingston, Marcus [Continue Reading]

Larsen, McMaster Berry at Mount Hood Epic

Rob Larsen, Ryan McMaster, and Jack Berry of Growlers Gulch Racing joined a group of 30 riders at the Mount Hood Epic on Saturday, September 4th. Other familiar GG faces included Cage Aaron and Susan Martin. The event was sponsored by NWTA. Totals included 50 miles [Continue Reading]

Hansen Wins Climbing Championship

Al Hansen edged Bob Stanton by a mere four feet to win the Growlers Gulch Climbing Championship on October 16th. Eric Shew of Seattle came out of nowhere to grab the third spot. Dara Muldoon survived a strong challenge by Tonya Breedlove to capture the [Continue Reading]

Loney Grabs Fluidride Crown!

After finishing second at the World Masters in Brazil in early September, Eric Loney capped the month by claiming the Fluidride Cup pro DH championship on Sunday at Ski Bowl. Loney placed third in the season finale, giving him enough points to capture the season [Continue Reading]

Hartman Creates Rare Fist of Five Art

PNW ceramic goddess and GGG maven Dara Hartman has once again designed a unique piece of biking art to recognize Fist of Five winners. Hartman submitted her design to the Board of Director in late September and will begin firing and glazing these priceless pieces [Continue Reading]

Climbing Championship on Tap for October 16th

The Growlers Gulch Climbing Championship – our most hilarious and spectator-friendly event – is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th. This is the final stop on the 2010 ride circuit, so don’t miss it. Sign up with a comment on this post or by [Continue Reading]

Kona Kula and Softride Solo Frames on G-Bay

  Contact Erik Carlson at Kona Kula Frame (plus the following) Kona Kula Seat post LX front derailleur Crank, XT v-brakes, T shifter/brake levers, handlebar Make an offer Softride Solo Frame 55 cm Carbon fiber beam-adjustable [Continue Reading]

Major Clean-up Planned at Growlers

Susan Martin, who has dual citizenship in Northwest Trail Alliance and Growlers Gulch Racing, is leading a push to clean up the garbage on the Growlers system. She has set Saturday, October 23rd as the date for the work party. Projects will include general trash [Continue Reading]

Brigman First at Larch, Second at Trout Lake

Lance Brigman of Bike Tires Direct and Growlers Gulch Racing finished first in the Larch Mountain Ouch TT on July 25th. Brigman topped the 60+ division with a time of 1:11:32. The route covered 16.53 miles with 3,816 feet of elevation gain. Brigman confessed to [Continue Reading]

Brigman Notches 7th OBRA Win of the Year

Lance Brigman of Team Bike Tires Direct and Growlers Gulch Racing rolled to his seventh win of 2010 at the OBRA Time Trial Championship at Corvallis, Oregon, on June 13th. Brigman covered the 25-mile course in 59:48 to take the crown in the Masters [Continue Reading]

Growlers Gulch Racing Hits South Coldwater Trail

A huge crew from Growlers Gulch Racing completed trimming and dirt work on South Coldwater Trail 230A on Saturday, June 5th. The 230A is the only trail on the north side of Mount St. Helens that is open to mountain bikers. The group included Brian Mahon, J. [Continue Reading]

Dave LeMonds Retains Porta-Potty Chairmanship

The Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing has unanimously elected Dave LeMonds as chairman of the presitigious Porta-Potty Committee. This marks the seventh consecutive year that LeMonds has won election to this coveted position. [caption id="attachment_4706" [Continue Reading]

Norris Trains in London, GGG Gets Ready, Injury Shelves Hansen

  [caption id="attachment_4510" align="alignright" width="132" caption="Norris shows the strain of intense training regimen"][/caption] Norris Busts Out Euro Training Regimen: Desperate to ramp up his 5K fitness after months of sloth, Paul Norris has reportedly [Continue Reading]

Board of Directors Tabs 5K Favorites

Five members of the Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing have gone out on a very shaky limb to predict the top finishers and times at the 2010 GG5K. Keep in mind that this group is not the smartest. I was forced to rely on them because they do nothing at [Continue Reading]

Livingston, Van Hoose Race at Bear Springs

Denise Livingston and Mike Van Hoose of Growlers Gulch Racing competed in the tough Bear Springs Trap XC race at Mount Hood on April 15th. Denise finished 5th in Women’s Cat II, while Mike was 18th in Men’s Cat II. Denise described the course as [Continue Reading]

Work Parties Planned for June 5th and 12th

South Coldwater 230A – June 5th Brian Mahon is heading up this work day on the 230A, the only trail accessible to mountain bikers on the north side of St. Helens. We have maintained the 230A for several years and want to show the powers-that-be that mountain [Continue Reading]

Darrell Jamieson Second at Sea Otter

Darrell Jamieson of Project 529 and Growlers Gulch Racing finished second in both Cat 1 40-49 dual slalom and downhill at the prestigious Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, on April 15-18. The event drew 50,000 spectators and more than 8,000 [Continue Reading]

Loney, Hansen Featured in Knappa Vid

Eric Loney and Al Hansen of Project 529 and Growlers Gulch Racing are featured in a new vid shot by Jason Van Horn of I Hate Bikes. Great vid of the Flying Dutchman Trail at Knappa, with proof that even the really good guys bite it occasionally. [Continue Reading]