Hartman Studio Shows on Tap

GGG co-founder and ceramic goddess Dara Hartman is offering open studio shows from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, December 4th and Saturday, December 11th.

Dara has a wide assortment of beautiful pieces available, so this is an excellent chance to pick up a gift for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or the Board of Director.

This is also a rare opportunity to prove that you aren’t a hillbilly. Those of us who ride with you will realize this is an illusion, but purchasing legit art might help you fool others.

Dara’s studio is located at 607 15th Avenue in Battle Ground. To get there, take I-5 south to 502 East. Turn south on Grace Avenue, then east on Rasmussen Boulevard and follow the signs. It’s so simple even a mountain biker can do it.

Hartman was one of a group of international artists featured in 500 Vases: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Form, which was released in October by Lark Publishing.

If you have questions, contact Dara at 360.448.3203 or email her at dara@darahartman.com.

Additional info below. And be sure to check out the pieces at the bottom of this post. 

2 thoughts on “Hartman Studio Shows on Tap”

  1. Dara’s art is very elegant and beautiful, yet still functional. I’m not sure if she is offering pieces with the same glazes as the 2010 Fist of Five cups, but if she is, I recommend you visit her quick and buy them before they are sold out! They look amazing and have a silver-gray semi-transparent-metallic glow to them oooOOOOoooo. I saw the cup for the first time last weekend and it made me regret doing the Bend Tour instead of the Climbing Champs… 🙁

    Either way, buy at least one piece from her. I guarantee it will become your favorite! Her large coffee cups are freakin’ awesome!

  2. Attn all riders. Dara’s Studio Show is a must see and buy. Fabulous pottery and support for a GGG rider. Next door a brewery to celebrate your purchase(s) only a block away. Laurelwood Brewery. The IPA Worker and Stout with a burger with garlic fries. That’s was our first family outing with our new son Jude. Hopefully you all can make it. Merry Christmas.

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