Firestone Double Dominates Imperial IPA Tasting

Firestone Double Jack Double IPA walked away with the title at the LeMonds Family Imperial IPA tasting held at the Post-Ride Pub at 465 on May 14th. Hopworks Ace of Spades was second, followed Avery Maharaja. The event was part of a 50th birthday celebration for [Continue Reading]

Kelso Theatre Pub Offers Growler Fills, Ace of Spades

The Backstage Cafe at the Kelso Theatre Pub has upped the ante once again by becoming the first venue in Cowlitz County to offer growlers fills. [caption id="attachment_4418" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Tess Parker-Dahlquist"][/caption] Cafe Manager [Continue Reading]

The Interrogation of Mike Patterson – Episode #4

I¬†called Patterson at 11:43 p.m. at his yuppie¬†abode on Taylor Avenue, just two blocks from Lipton’s house. When Patterson picked up, I could hear someone from the Shopping Channel hollering about closeout prices on cleaning supplies. “Come over to [Continue Reading]