Payin’ It Forward

Sometimes, the reason for things just comes ringin’ through.

I stopped by the bike park yesterday for a few minutes. There were a ton of kids onsite, and they were riding everything. I talked with some of their parents, who were excited about the work we had done and very appreciative. 

Heading for the booter

They told me it was one kid’s birthday. His parents had asked him what he wanted to do for his special day. His choices included video games, the movies, and Chuckie Cheese. He said he wanted to go biking.

Despite the fact that the kid has never worked on trail, I immediately made him a member of Growlers Gulch Racing.

Seeing those kids riding the pump track, hitting the elevated trail and rolling off the drops – all the while whooping and laughing – reminded me why all the planning and all the hours are totally worth it.

The birthday kids had helmets. Two girls who were there with a friend and her dad did not. I talked with the dad about it, asked him to see if he could find helmets for them the next time.

Instead of punching me, he thanked me for all of the work we’ve done. He works for M & M Transport and mentioned that he might be able to deliver some big-ass loads of bark dust or chips if we can use them for landscaping.

I know it’s tough at this stage – with the monthly work parties and everything at the site fragmented and in disarray. But if we can stick with it, we are going to have something we can all enjoy and be proud of.

If you haven’t noticed how things have been working, let me break it down for you – those of us on the bike park board understood from the start that we would be carrying most of the weight. We are completely good with that.

I do my best to make sure the rest of you don’t get hit with work party requests too often. That said, sometimes we need your help. When the call comes, step up if your schedule allows.

When you’re down there watching those kids, you’ll be glad you did.

Hanging at the south common area
This is what it's about

5 thoughts on “Payin’ It Forward”

  1. Love this! Thanks for your leadership Jim & team. Leading the next generation is what it’s all about. Keep up the good work. I’m hoping to make it out again soon for future work parties.

  2. It was the same type of scene when I swung by Saturday afternoon. I didn’t stop to chat the crowd up but there were a bunch of parents and kids enjoying the fruits of our labor. How cool. I’m good for a couple of more work parties now!

  3. Great story Jeep! If only the rest of us could gain GGR membership so easily. I thought that the minimum requirement was (at least) three work parties, assigned to the same group as Brian Mahon. You know there’s nothing quite like bashing out some sweet singletrack while being verbally carpet bombed by Mahon! No?

  4. Those of us who have been there feel your pain, Plassmeyer. One of the few benefits of being the Board of Director is being able to set up the crew assignments. Look closely and you will see that I am very deliberate about this.

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