Bike Park Prepped for Grand Opening

Small crews on both Saturday and Sunday combined to ring up more than 80 hours as they put the finishing touches on the Castle Rock Bike Park in preparation for the grand opening on Saturday, September 22nd.

Check the itinerary at and get there if you can. We want this to be a mega-celebration.

Chris Laughlin, Greg Ogden, Tom Eilertsen, Dave, Steve Reed and I were on hand on Saturday. Steve hauled in two yards of barkdust for Chris while Dave, Greg and I finished off the wall ride. Everyone helped with general clean-up.

On Sunday, Bryanna Foster, John “One-Arm” Kowalski, Jeff Lipton, Mike Van Hoose, Mike Patterson, Kevin, Chris and I did what we could to finalize things.

Chris brought up some new grasses that she and Bryanna planted; Kevin tuned up the jump lines; Patterson continued his weedeating mastery; and everyone else helped with clean-up, watering and running the power tamp.

If you haven’t seen our sign, be sure to stop by and check it out. Big thanks to Ryan Hicks for handling the graphics and to Paul Norris for ordering the tiles and putting them up.

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