Massive Crowd Highlights Grand Opening at Castle Rock Bike Park

The grand opening at the Castle Rock Bike Park on September 22nd, drew a crowd estimated at nearly 300, with a huge number of kids in attendance.

The day featured skills clinics, a 10-station kids’ challenge, raffle prizes, and lunch provided by North County Recreation
Association and the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce.

The morning started foggy and cool, but the fog lifted and the weather was perfect.

After 16 months of work and 2,000 hours of sweat equity, it was a huge rush to see so many people enjoying what we had built. And the kids wouldn’t stop. They kept rolling for hours, with many of them demonstrating uncommon skill.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who were essential to making the day successful – John Kowalski, Scott Ahearns, Steve Reed, Denise Livingston, April Kincaide, Kelley Hinkle, Ann Hinkle, Tana Gutzka, Juntu Oberg, Sarah Hunter, Ryan McMaster, Rob Larsen, Laurie Larsen, Bob Horness, Becki Horness, Nicole Peterson, Ryane Olin, Dave LeMonds, Jeff Lipton, Mike Patterson, Randy Toney, Greg Ogden, Wynne Lobel, Travis Degn, Sasha Degn, Carley LeMonds, Chelsey LeMonds, Diane LeMonds, and Melanie Norris.

Thanks also to Cowlitz 6 for providing EMT coverage and to Peace Health for the helmet giveaway, as well as the City of Castle Rock, Canyonview Cyclery, Minuteman Press, Cowlitz Economic Development Council, the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, Highlander Cycling, the Lumberyard, Bruno’s Pizza, Poker Pete’s and Cowlitz on the Move. 


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