3 thoughts on “Examiner Posts Grand Opening Vid”

  1. Specialized Media Services will be glad to put up a fresh video for the 2013 season as well as maintain access to the 2012 Grand Opening video.

    Simply let us know what event you want covered in 2013. If there is no contact we will simply start capturing footage and put something up on our own.

    Thanks for the wonderful new bike park that you have made available for kids and adults alike in the SW Washington region.

    Stu Marks
    Specialized Media Services
    Longview/Kelso/Castle Rock

  2. Thanks, Stu. Yes, we would appreciate it if you would keep the 2012 vid up.

    We are aiming for an encore for last year’s grand opening. Scheduled for September 21. We are referring to it as The Bike Park Blowout. Our goal is to again draw 350+ people and to make it a great day for kids. Probably a similar format – 10 to 15 station kids’ challenge. Prizes. Lunch provided.

    I wish there was some way we could pay you, but we don’t have a budget for anything other than basic materials.


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