Hartman Creates Rare Fist of Five Art

PNW ceramic goddess and GGG maven Dara Hartman has once again designed a unique piece of biking art to recognize Fist of Five winners.

Hartman submitted her design to the Board of Director in late September and will begin firing and glazing these priceless pieces in October.

To qualify for Fist of Five status, riders must earn five wheels by completing all events sponsored by Growlers Gulch Racing 2010 – the 5K, Tour de Gulch, Ride ’em All, Super D, and Climbing Championship.

Marcus Faber, Rob Larsen, D. LeMonds, J. LeMonds, Denise Livingston, Ryan McMaster, Randy Toney, and Mike Van Hoose have earned four wheels and are signed up to participate in the climbing event.

Hartman, whose work can be previewed here, will offer a number of beautiful pieces for sale during the holiday season.

Contact her well in advance at dara@darahartman.com if you are interested.

This is an opportunity to create the illusion that you guys aren’t a bunch of classless slobs. Don’t pass it up.

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