Castle Rock Bike Park Breaks Ground!

A small crew from Growlers Gulch Racing broke ground on the Castle Rock Bike Park on June 23rd.

Our Fill & Grade permit, which allows us to disturb less than one acre of dirt, was approved earlier than expected and we decided to take advantage.

The initial phase included putting up 500 feet of silt fence on the river side of the park.  Track rock was then put down near the River Walk where equipment will be accessing the site.

Once the gravel was down, we were able to get equipment in to scrape off the existing BMX track, grade for drainage, and complete some essential ditching.

Out Stormwater Management Permit should be issued by mid-July; this will give us the ability to work on the entire site. The city is planning a water main project that will result in us having approximately 250 yards of dirt delivered for free between July 11th and July 22nd.

Kevin Knorr and Randy Toney expect this to be enough to build both the beginner and intermediate pump tracks. Work will officially begin on the first two pump tracks inJuly, with the expert track to follow later in the summer.

It’s difficult to explain how much work has been involved to this point and how much more remains. We owe big thanks to the North County Recreation Association for setting up our 501 and our checking account.

We also can’t say enough good things about the city of Castle Rock – especially Public Works Director Dave Vorse, Mayor Paul Helenberg, and members of the CR City Council. They have not only provided advice and support at every stage, they also completed our permits for us and ponied up nearly $1,000 in filing fees.

And when you see the following folks from GGR, tell them thanks as well. We’ve had multiple meetings and exchanged endless emails to deal with countless details and decisions in the planning process:

  • Randy Toney – Pump track and jump line schematics/Construction
  • Ryane Olin – Construction
  • Kevin Knorr – Pump track and jump line schematics
  • Ryan McMaster – Site engineering
  • Paul Norris – Marketing
  • Mel Norris – Fundraising
  • Ryan Hicks – Graphic design
  • Chris Laughlin – Landscaping
  • D. LeMonds – Volunteer involvement/Crew scheduling
  • Jeff Muldoon – Skills area/Growlers Gulch Experience Trail
  • J. LeMonds – Project management/Logistics & PR

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