Bike Park Photos – Additional News

The photos below are from last Thursday’s work day – with Ryan McMaster, Ryane Olin, Randy Toney, and Randy’s dad, John, on site to handle the layout, rocking of the access area, scrape-off and grading.

Huge thanks to them for putting in 11 hours apiece that day to get things rolling.

They have staged the dirt from the scrape-off just west of where the pump tracks will be located, so that it can be easily accessed when the builds begin.

Kevin and Randy were busy again on Sunday, experimenting with the dirt to assess how well it will pack and also to determine whether their specs for roller spacing, etc. are on the money.

We will have a small crew, along with the appropriate machinery, on site in the next couple of weeks to begin work on the beginner and intermediate tracks.

Momentum is on our side. This is a great time to let people know that our plan is legit and that their contributions can make a difference.

We have a long ways to go and will continue to need financial assistance from businesses and individuals. Do what you can to spread the word. We have already converted several of your leads into dollars, so – yes – it does matter.

Send contact information to Paul at and he will do the follow-up.

3 thoughts on “Bike Park Photos – Additional News”

  1. Great job guys! Excavation looked professional and should help keep the momentum going on this project. Thanks!

  2. Things are looking great. Wish I could be there to be lending a hand….I will be home for almost a week the beginning of August! So i will be available for help and a refreshing ride at Growlers. We miss all of your ugly mugs.. Tonya and Al..

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