Major Work Underway at CR Bike Park

Progress continues at the bike park this weekend with a two-day build on tap. The plan is to complete the expert pump track.

The beginner and intermediate tracks are rideable. However, Kevin Knorr, Ryan McMaster and Ryan Hicks – who have been involved with design and ongoing improvements – have reported that quite a bit of additional work remains.

We would like everyone to be aware that this is a work in progress. A huge amount of planning has gone into this project, but it will take some time and a lot of work before things are perfected.

We have a number of things on the schedule for August. We will likely be recruiting small crews to assist.

  • Dirt work on all three tracks so that riders can attain max speed
  • Armoring of all perimeter berms with rock to discourage people from riding over them and breaking them down
  • Construction of the elevated area near the start of the jump lines
  • Construction of the base of all three jump lines

Thanks in advance to the volunteers who have signed up to work this weekend:

Saturday – Randy Toney, Kevin Knorr, Ryan McMaster, Juntu Oberg, Shane Oberg, Ryan Hicks, Bob Juntunen, John Kowalski, Mike Brady, Cage Aaron, Kelley Hinkle, Andy Crump, Lance Brigman, Keith Gianella, Vaughn Martin

Sunday – Randy Toney, Kevin Knorr, Ryan McMaster, Paul Norris, Mel Norris, Ryan Hicks, John Kowalski, Jeff Muldoon, Dara Muldoon, Dave LeMonds, Bob Horness, Jeff Lipton, Vaughn Martin, Denise Livingston

Thanks also to the City of Castle Rock. Public Works Director Dave Vorse and Mayor Paul Helenberg have helped us at every turn to make things move more quickly and to save us money.

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  1. I will be there thursday, I will ride in the morning then would like to check things out in the afternoon. might be able to help out sunday if there is going to be anyone there…. Al

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