Expert Pump Track Nearly Completed!

Thanks to a great design by Kevin Knorr and Randy Toney and extraordinary work from a crew of volunteers from Growlers Gulch Racing, the expert pump track at the Castle Rock Bike Park is approximately 75 percent complete.

We told Kevin and Randy we wanted them to design a world-class track, and they have not disappointed.

Kudos to Randy Toney, John Toney, Kevin Knorr, Ryan McMaster, Juntu Oberg, Shane Oberg, Bob Juntunen, John Kowalski, Mike Brady, Cage Aaron, Kelley Hinkle, Andy Crump, Lance Brigman, Keith Gianella, Paul Norris, Mel Norris, Ryan Hicks, Jeff Muldoon, Dave LeMonds, Bob Horness, Jeff Lipton, Vaughn Martin, Ryane Olin, and Denise Livingston.

Special thanks to Randy, Kevin, Ryan, Ryan, Vaughn, and Ryane who were there both days.

Things are moving quickly – A small crew will be on site this week to do drainage work, clear a greater portion of the area, and begin moving dirt for the jump lines.

After that, the focus will be on building and refining the jump lines, completing the expert track, and tweaking the berms and rollers on the expert and intermediate tracks.

When the jump lines are roughed in, Paul Norris and Jeff Muldoon will get started on the multi-faceted skills area.

We continue to seek funding and will be holding raffles at the Super D, Time Trial and Climbing Championship. If you would like to purchase a tile or refer a business that might be interested in donating, please let me know.

Photo below, along with a video clip, courtesy of Kelley Hinkle.

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