Sign-up Now for GG Super D

Sign-up begins now for the GG Super D on Saturday, September 17th. This event is brought to you by Growlers Gulch Racing.

Course: Some work is needed on Legacy, but the ride route is in very good shape. You will start at the top of Legacy, then hit WTF, Vortex, Jekyll, the Lower KMAs and finish at the bottom of the Secret Garden. No word on the exact distance but we are guessing you will drop about 1,450 feet over four miles. You will have one shot at it.

Seeding: We will have three categories for men and either one or two for women, depending on the sign-up. Women also have the option of choosing toย compete in any of the three categories with the men. We will probably start with Cat 3 Men, followed by the Women’s Division, Cat 2 Men, and Cat 1 Men. When you sign up, you can request a particular category. However, to ensure objectivity and fairness, the Board of Director will have final say on all seedings.

Shuttle: We are offering the same shuttle service again this year – you pedaling your bike to the start line.

Party: This is still up in the air, but – shockingly – you can expect post-ride festivities.

Check the vid from last year’s event. It was a blast and we expect more of the same this time around.

Who’s in?

  1. Cage Aaron (Cat 1)
  2. Aaron Althaeuser (Cat 2)
  3. Lance Brigman (Cat 3)
  4. Andy Crump (Cat 2)
  5. Travis Degn (Cat 3)
  6. Jeff Edgell (Cat 2)
  7. Christian Hagel-Sorensen (Cat 2)
  8. Ty Hedlund (Cat 1)
  9. Ryan Hicks (Cat 1)
  10. Kelley Hinkle (Cat 3)
  11. Andrew Holder (Cat 2)
  12. Bob Horness (Cat 3)
  13. April Kincade (Women’s)
  14. Kevin Knorr (Cat 2)
  15. D. LeMonds (Cat 3)
  16. Nick Little (Cat 1)
  17. Denise Livingston (Women’s)
  18. Eric Loney (Cat 1)
  19. Nate Marsh (Cat 1)
  20. Vaughn Martin (Cat 3)
  21. Ryan McMaster (Cat 1)
  22. Thomas Mueller (Cat 2)
  23. Dara Muldoon (Women’s)
  24. Jeff Muldoon (Cat 2)
  25. Juntu Oberg (Women’s)
  26. Shane Oberg (Cat 2)
  27. Greg Ogden (Cat 2)
  28. Miles Olin (Cat 2)
  29. Andy Plassmeyer (Cat 3)
  30. Raman Sarin (Cat 2)
  31. Tina Sarin (Cat 3)
  32. Todd Schierscher (Cat 2)
  33. Eric Shew (Cat 1)
  34. Kalani Silva (Cat 3)
  35. Geo Smith (Cat 3)
  36. Bob Stanton (Cat 1)
  37. Randy Toney (Cat 2)
  38. Kole Wetherall (Cat 1)


26 thoughts on “Sign-up Now for GG Super D”

  1. I’m In jeep. You should stick me with Greg. I want to see the look on his face when I kick his butt.

  2. We’ll see about that Miles. Looks like you’re going to have to find someone else to take you out to growlers. Bring it on tough guy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Yeah Eric is right, I’m in. Since he didn’t put a category down, sign us up for Pro-Stock…

  4. Hi Jeep, count me in (I hope nothing comes up at work in the meantime though). I don’t want want to miss it this year.

  5. This will make for a great birthday present! Is there a category lower than 3? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The competition there looks pretty stiff.

  6. Sign me up this year! The course threw me over the bars today….maybe I’ll have it dialed come race day.

  7. I really don’t think that I’m going to be ready for this so I’m going to back out until next year.

  8. You know what? Maybe I’m crazy but what the hey, put me back on for Cat 3. I’ve still got my medical insurance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Beside my fragile male ego never would have forgiven me for wussing out.

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