Castle Rock Bike Park Continues to Take Shape

It’s a testament to the members of Growlers Gulch Racing that the change of seasons has not slowed progress at the Castle Rock Bike Park.

We just finished two very productive days that were helped tremendously by having an excavator operated by Ryane Olin and a skidsteer operated by John Toney onsite.

On Wednesday, Ryane and John combined to dig good-sized holes in the most troublesome drainage spots and then fill them with drain rock. We will still need to tweak things but we are becoming increasingly confident that even after a monsoon the site will drain fairly quickly.

On Thursday, hardcore members of the Underemployed – including Bob Horness, Vaughn Martin, Wayne Nussbaum, Paul Norris, Jack Berry, Kelley Hinkle, and the Board of Director – joined Ryane and John to work on features coming off the east side of the elevated area. In addition, Ryane and John completed more drainage work and Ryane did some brushing on the west side of the site where the perimeter path will be located.

My total shows that 45 members of Growlers Gulch Racing have contributed a total of 629 hours at the bike park since June.

In addition to the drainage and brush work, here’s what got done.

  • Two rollers added to the feature along the River Walk Trail that Dave, Jeff, Ryan and I built last Saturday. They are a little soft but will be great once they firm up.
  • Several offs along the feature described above so that people can bail when they get uncomfortable.
  • Retaining wall on the northeast side of the elevated area.
  • Steps leading off the elevated area to a 20″ – 24″ flat drop
  • Two step-ups of 16″ apiece built with rock and concrete slabs; these follow the flat drop
  • A common area built with concrete slabs, approximately 7′ wide and 12′ long, that follows the flat drop and step-ups. We will have additional ways to access it. This area will be the focal point for the skills area on the east side of the site and will have roll-outs to a variety of features.
  • An incredible flat drop off the south side of the common area.
  • Tweaking of both the advanced and beginner pump tracks

    The common area - Note the step-ups on the left and the flat-drop on the right. The area is approximately 7' x 12'.
Flat-drop coming off the elevated area. Do you know how to do a wheelie-drop?
Looking up toward the elevated area from the flat-drop. Note several rock garden lines to the left. I was told that one was benign. I am not convinced.
Wayne Nussbaum making the new feature look easy.
Bob Horness tries out the rock garden, just before nearly face-planting coming off the flat-drop.

Great vid includes work scenes, a Horness endo, and Kelley riding the new feature along the River Walk Trail.

Additional photos here from Kevin Knorr.

6 thoughts on “Castle Rock Bike Park Continues to Take Shape”

  1. Wow! nice job guys! I could never envision anything cool to come out of those slab chucks and rock, but you guys sure did it!

  2. Let’s get more concrete slabs!
    Nice job guys. Some very creative minds in our group. Thanks for all the work yesterday.

  3. I bet those little boys who’ve been hanging around and helping are awe struck! Looks fantastic. The rock and concrete is beautiful. On my way out there to take a look.

  4. It was fun to watch Ryan use an excavator to create a work of art. Paul and Wayne have an eye for evil as they placed rocks in the garden. John is pretty good on the bobcat too!

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