Mel’s 40 @ 40 to Raise Money for Cancer Research

In an effort to alleviate some logistical nightmares I have decided to make some changes to the 40 @ 40 Ride. We are still going to finish up with the Falls Creek trail.    Paul is going to pace me, Jeep is going to sweep me and Dave is going to be our driver so [Continue Reading]

Mel Norris Completes Mount Adams Century, Ramps Up Training

Melanie Norris completed the Mount Adams Century on Saturday, June 25th. Training partner Paul Norris was along for the ride. Totals included 105 miles and 7,600 feet of climbing with time in the saddle at just over seven hours. “This lets me know we can tap [Continue Reading]

Mel Norris Plans 40th Birthday Epic

Yes, her birthday has passed, but that will not prevent Melanie Norris from continuing the celebration throughout much of 2011. The GGG co-founder has set her sights on an epic ride that will include Smith Creek and Falls Creek. Total mileage is estimated at 43 [Continue Reading]

Norris Trains in London, GGG Gets Ready, Injury Shelves Hansen

  [caption id="attachment_4510" align="alignright" width="132" caption="Norris shows the strain of intense training regimen"][/caption] Norris Busts Out Euro Training Regimen: Desperate to ramp up his 5K fitness after months of sloth, Paul Norris has reportedly [Continue Reading]

24HOP Photos and Vid

Photos from the 2010 24 Hours at the Old Pueblo are finally in! The Mountain Beavers of Growlers Gulch Racing distinguished themselves by finishing 15th in a division that included 34 teams. Team members included Ryan McMaster – who had the fastest lap [Continue Reading]

Mel Norris Suffers Injury, Fans Concerned

I have received several reports about the knee injury Melanie Norris suffered on Sunday. She apparently went over the bars and landed on rocks. The result was five stitches in the emergency room at Legacy Salmon Creek, followed by a Vicodin and a medicinal [Continue Reading]

Mountain Beavers Rock Old Pueblo

The Mountain Beavers of Growlers Gulch Racing showed strong at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo race on February 13 in Tucson, Arizona. The group completed 255 miles over 15 laps to finish 15th in Five-Person Coed with a Combined Age of 150-199 (They would have [Continue Reading]

Meet the Ride Team

It’s a motley crew but when you’re this old, the pickings are slim. Jim LeMonds is celebrating his 60th birthday with the 60 @ Sixty ride. He taught English in the Longview School District for 30 years and has been mountain biking since 1996. LeMonds [Continue Reading]

GGR Heads for Old Pueblo

Growlers Gulch Racing will be well-represented at this year’s 24-Hours in the Old Pueblo endurance race in Tucson, Arizona. The event takes place on February 13th. Melanie Norris, Paul Norris, Dara Muldoon, Jeff Muldoon, and Ryan McMaster of GGR will join [Continue Reading]

Bikers Step Up to Lend a Hand

When Growlers Gulch Racing diva Denise Livingston asked local bikers to provide assistance to kids in need of helmets, the response was rapid. Livingston, who is the intervention specialist at Cascade Middle School in Longview, has been worried about four of her [Continue Reading]

GGG Going Strong

The Growlers Gulch Girls celebrated their one-year anniversary with a group ride at Growlers on October 31st. Numbers were down a bit because of nasty weather, but Melanie Norris, Dara Hartman, Denise Livingston, Sam Loney, and Tonya Breedlove didn’t let [Continue Reading]

Game On!

Gearing Up: Cage Aaron established himself as the 2009 GG5K favorite by racking up a time of 4:15 during a practice run last week. Fellow PUMP member Dennis Veatch said Aaron was not really pushing himself and should have a legit shot at a sub-four hour finish. GG [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Begins for GG5K

As a first-time GG5K participant commented after the 2008 ride – “It looked so much easier on paper.” It’s a piece of cake to talk about stepping up your training regimen, reducing your ride time, and earning that Five Wheel decal for your [Continue Reading]

Five Wheels on Tap at Growlers in 2009

The Tour de Gulch Board of Directors – with help from an independent study group – has established the essential dates for the 2009 ride season. Please note that there has been some slight tweaking, including the addition of another wheel.Yes, [Continue Reading]

Growlers Gulch TT Creates Huge Buzz

The turnout out was large, the riders were phenomenal, and the times were shockingly low at the first-ever Growler Gulch Time Trial on Saturday, September 20th. Eric Loney, the Northwest’s top-ranked semi-pro, blazed to a 7:34.4 to claim first place. He was followed by Alex Hansen with a 7:45.3 and Bob “Fixie” Stanton with a 7:53.3. Continue reading Growlers Gulch TT Creates Huge Buzz

Lance, T-shirts, Women, Smitty, Trail

So much news. So little space.

Lance rides. Mel organizes another women’s ride. Old dudes hack away on new trail lines at Growlers. Still a chance for you to purchase one of the few remaining t-shirts. And don’t forget to reserve space on your calendar for the Growlers Gulch TT on September 20th. Continue reading Lance, T-shirts, Women, Smitty, Trail