Locals Hit Podium at High Cascades 24

  Hats off to two teams from Growlers Gulch Racing for their great finishes at the grueling 2011 High Cascades 24 in Bend on September 11. The Bad Bettys -comprised of Dara Muldoon, Denise Livingston, Juntu Oberg and Wynn Lobel – completed 14 laps, each of [Continue Reading]

Norris Trains in London, GGG Gets Ready, Injury Shelves Hansen

  [caption id="attachment_4510" align="alignright" width="132" caption="Norris shows the strain of intense training regimen"][/caption] Norris Busts Out Euro Training Regimen: Desperate to ramp up his 5K fitness after months of sloth, Paul Norris has reportedly [Continue Reading]

Van Hoose, Norris, Butler Conquer 5K Quiz

Mike Van Hoose was the first respondent to answer all ten questions correctly in the GG5K quiz. The questions were posted at 8:00 a.m. on Monday; amazingly, the reigning 5K champ had his answers in by 8:26. “It was a slow day at work,” Van Hoose [Continue Reading]

24HOP Photos and Vid

Photos from the 2010 24 Hours at the Old Pueblo are finally in! The Mountain Beavers of Growlers Gulch Racing distinguished themselves by finishing 15th in a division that included 34 teams. Team members included Ryan McMaster – who had the fastest lap [Continue Reading]

Mountain Beavers Rock Old Pueblo

The Mountain Beavers of Growlers Gulch Racing showed strong at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo race on February 13 in Tucson, Arizona. The group completed 255 miles over 15 laps to finish 15th in Five-Person Coed with a Combined Age of 150-199 (They would have [Continue Reading]

Meet the Ride Team

It’s a motley crew but when you’re this old, the pickings are slim. Jim LeMonds is celebrating his 60th birthday with the 60 @ Sixty ride. He taught English in the Longview School District for 30 years and has been mountain biking since 1996. LeMonds [Continue Reading]

GGR Heads for Old Pueblo

Growlers Gulch Racing will be well-represented at this year’s 24-Hours in the Old Pueblo endurance race in Tucson, Arizona. The event takes place on February 13th. Melanie Norris, Paul Norris, Dara Muldoon, Jeff Muldoon, and Ryan McMaster of GGR will join [Continue Reading]

Bikers Step Up to Lend a Hand

When Growlers Gulch Racing diva Denise Livingston asked local bikers to provide assistance to kids in need of helmets, the response was rapid. Livingston, who is the intervention specialist at Cascade Middle School in Longview, has been worried about four of her [Continue Reading]

Al Hansen Named Growlers Gulch Rider of the Year

  [caption id="attachment_2136" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Al Hansen - 2009 Growlers Gulch Rider of the Year"][/caption] Rider of the Year The Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing has named Al Hansen the GG Rider of the Year for 2009. Hansen [Continue Reading]

Magnificent Seven on Track for Five Wheels

The list is narrowing. After the time trial on September 20th, only seven riders remain eligible to earn all five wheels on the 2009 Growlers Gulch ride circuit. Fist of Five schwag will be awarded to the survivors after the Climbing Championships on Saturday, [Continue Reading]

Tarbell Ride Report Features Talking Chicken

PBR, Fried Chicken and Broken Derailleur As I was loading the cooler for the ride on Sunday, I went through the list of riders……Me (lover of IPA’s and all things northwest beer), Jeff Muldoon (lover of PBR), and Thomas Mueller (the only German I [Continue Reading]

Trifold Completed for LifePort Interiors

WriteTek Northwest recently created a trifold brochure for LifePort Interiors of Woodland, Washington. The document (shown below) was used by Chief Operating Officer Paul Norris and Sales Manager Chris Miller to market LifePort Interior’s product line and [Continue Reading]

Van Hoose Takes 5K Title

CASTLE ROCK – Three Rivers Cycling stud Mike Van Hoose took the lead on the third leg and ground out a victory at the Growlers Gulch 5,000 on Saturday, May 9th, winning by a full eight minutes. [caption id="attachment_945" align="alignright" width="300" [Continue Reading]

Game On!

Gearing Up: Cage Aaron established himself as the 2009 GG5K favorite by racking up a time of 4:15 during a practice run last week. Fellow PUMP member Dennis Veatch said Aaron was not really pushing himself and should have a legit shot at a sub-four hour finish. GG [Continue Reading]

Norris Visits Germany As Part of Diplomatic Mission

[caption id="attachment_771" align="alignleft" width="212" caption="Not everybody has an alpenhorn like that"][/caption] Paul Norris of the Growlers Gulch Cycling Team is currently touring Europe on a goodwill mission. He was in Hamburg this weekend to develop [Continue Reading]

Norris Photo Sets Off Frenzy Among Lederhosen Police

For a country that is deadly serious about its neutrality, Switzerland has displayed a disturbing level of aggressiveness in an incident involving Paul Norris of the Growlers Gulch Cycling Team Swiss authorities announced yesterday that they have temporarily [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Begins for GG5K

As a first-time GG5K participant commented after the 2008 ride – “It looked so much easier on paper.” It’s a piece of cake to talk about stepping up your training regimen, reducing your ride time, and earning that Five Wheel decal for your [Continue Reading]

New Dudes Ride at Growlers

Paul Norris had one goal for the first-ever New Dudes ride at Growlers on Sunday – to draw at least one more person than Mel drew for the women’s ride. It was close, but he succeeded as eight riders showed up to tour the GG single-track. Continue reading New Dudes Ride at Growlers