2011 Growlers Gulch Race Schedule

The Board of Director of Growlers Gulch Racing has announced the 2011 race and trail maintenance schedule. As was the case in 2010, we will host five events. The one change from last year is that the GG Time Trial will replace the Ride ’em All. If you are a [Continue Reading]

Fist of Five Recipients Recognized

Seven members of Growlers Gulch Racing have been awarded Fist of Five status for 2010. [caption id="attachment_6079" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Designed by Dara Hartman"][/caption] Rob Larsen, Randy Toney, Mike Van Hoose, Denise Livingston, Marcus [Continue Reading]

Highlander Cycling, Cyclepath to Sponsor 2010 TDG

Highlander Cycling of Longview and Cyclepath of Portland have signed on as sponsors for the 13th Annual Tour de Gulch. Highlander Cycling opened in December 2009 and quickly won over a large number of area riders. Highlander carries Kona, GT, Felt, KHS, and Schwinn [Continue Reading]

Dave LeMonds Retains Porta-Potty Chairmanship

The Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing has unanimously elected Dave LeMonds as chairman of the presitigious Porta-Potty Committee. This marks the seventh consecutive year that LeMonds has won election to this coveted position. [caption id="attachment_4706" [Continue Reading]

TDG XIII Set for June 19th

For the thirtheenth consecutive year, the foremost mountain biking event west of Castle Rock on the third Saturday in June will take place at Growlers Gulch. The 13th Annual Tour de Gulch will be held on Saturday, June 19th, with the usual festivities to follow at [Continue Reading]

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Yes, my brother, Dave, turns 56 today. For a guy who’s almost as old as Lipton, the old geezer still gets around pretty good. Leave your birthday wishes at the bottom of this post. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Dave was a problem child in [Continue Reading]

Growlers Gulch Racing Announces 2010 Ride Circuit

The Board of Directors of Growlers Gulch Racing has released a tentative schedule for the 2010 season. Please note that dates will be solidified within the next few months. Once again, five wheels will be on the line, with coveted Fist of Five, Four-Wheel and [Continue Reading]

TDG XII Draws Record Crowd

Nearly 60 riders joined the party at the 12th Annual Tour de Gulch on June 20th. Billed as The Best Ride West of Castle Rock on the Third Saturday in June, TDG XII was another opportunity to celebrate good trail and great friends. Thanks again to our sponsors [Continue Reading]

Final TDG Details, Official Tour de Gulch Poster

All Systems Go The ride groups are set. The food preparation has begun. The beer is in the cooler at Fort George Brewery. The porta-potty has been ordered. Dave and I have been grooming the trails to our typical standards with the help of the patented Growlers [Continue Reading]

Meet Our Sponsors

We appreciate the efforts of the sponsors of Tour de Gulch XII – Boone Dog Bikes, Fort George Brewery, and the Bike Garage. Please support them in any way you can. Boone Dog Bikes has been a TDG sponsor since 2004. Jason Moon carries a compehensive product [Continue Reading]

Sign up at TDG for St. Helens Trail Work

Brian Mahon will be heading up two work parties at Mount St. Helens – one in June and the other in July. I’ve mentioned before that the Forest Service has no money for trail work. That means it is up to riders like us to keep this magnificent area [Continue Reading]

Crump Withdraws Olive Branch, Refuses to Ride with Killer Burritos

It looked as though things were finally going to work out. After a two-year rift, Andy Crump and the Killer Burritos appeared to be on the verge of patching things up, with Crump offering to serve as the KBs’ ride-leader at the 12th Annual Tour de [Continue Reading]

Tour de Gulch Hits Max Ridership

Sign-up Hits 60 The 12th Annual Tour de Gulch has reached max ridership of 60, or – if you’re talking to my wife – 50. Sign-up is now closed. If you or a friend would like to be added to the waiting list, let me know ASAP. I will notify you if we [Continue Reading]

Sign-up Begins For Tour de Gulch XII

We’ve traditionally referred to the Tour de Gulch as “the best ride west of Castle Rock on the third Saturday in June.” But to tell you the truth, it has become one of the best celebrations of mountain biking and friendship in all of Southwest [Continue Reading]

Five Wheels on Tap at Growlers in 2009

The Tour de Gulch Board of Directors – with help from an independent study group – has established the essential dates for the 2009 ride season. Please note that there has been some slight tweaking, including the addition of another wheel.Yes, [Continue Reading]

Tour de Gulch Board of Directors Welcomes Growler Carlson

Growlers Gulch regulars Erik and Sara Carlson will soon be adding a rider to the newbie group. Their first child, a boy, is due in June. Fortunately, the due date falls right between the Growlers Gulch 5K and the Tour de Gulch, so that Erik will still have a chance [Continue Reading]

TDG XI Leaves Riders with Smiles on Their Faces

Sunny skies set the tone for the 57 riders who participated in this year’s Tour de Gulch on Saturday, June 14th. Billed as the “best ride west of Castle Rock on the second Saturday in June,” TDG XI did not disappoint. Continue reading TDG XI Leaves Riders with Smiles on Their Faces

Tour de Gulch History

A small group of us who ride and build trail at Growlers have hosted the TDG each year since 1998. We aren’t trying to attract big crowds of strangers or get a write-up on MTBR. And we don’t make any money. We love to ride and we enjoy sharing with people who have an appreciation for great single-track. The TDG is our way of celebrating mountain biking and the friends who make it so much fun. Continue reading Tour de Gulch History